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Win a signed copy of Chickens in the Road, a heartwarming homesteading adventure.

When author Suzanne McMinn plopped down at our table to talk about her new book, she positively glowed with good health, energy, and humor. She stood out among dozens of authors at the at the Southern Independent Booksellers' Alliance "speed dating"  lunch, during which authors hopped from table to table wooing booksellers. The charm and humor she shows in person appear from the very first paragraph of her memoir, Chickens in the Road:

It was a cold late autumn day when I brought my children to live in rural Walton, West Virgina. The farmhouse was one hundred years old, there was already snow on the ground, and the heat was sparse--as was the insulation. The floors weren't even either. My then-twelve-year-old son walked in the door and said, "You've brought us to this slanted little house to die."

The story quickly turns to adventures with rising creeks, wayward farm animals, and a roller-coaster romance with the enigmatic "52." As a former romance writer, Suzanne knows how to make you yearn along with her. And like a modern, grown-up Laura Ingalls Wilder, she knows how to make you learn and laugh along with her too. The tagline from her website reflects her positive attitude: Life in Ordinary Splendor.

Cook for Good fans will particularly enjoy Suzanne's thrift. She preserves the cast-off "pig fruit" from the farmers' market after realizing that it is "people food, not pig food. The slightest blemish can make produce unsellable, but that wasn't the same thing as inedible." The appendix includes a surprising something-from-nothing recipe: corn-cob jelly along with recipes for flour tortillas and whiskey-raisin apple butter. She also tells you how to make homesteading classics, such as homemade soaps, cleaners, lip balm, and seasonal potpourri.

The prize is an autographed advance reader's edition in which she sends me her best wishes. I'd like to pass those wishes on to you with the hopes that you will find Chickens in the Road an inspiring page-turner too.

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It only takes a minute to give a quick, honest review. What would you say to a friend? Maybe you found tips that make it easier to get dinner on the table or enjoyed recipes such as Good Baking Mix, Cocoa-Coconut Flip Cake, or Collards in Lime-Peanut Sauce? Maybe you had a laugh or a flutter at the farmer-meets-city-gal romance. February winner Catherine H., who doubled her chances by posting my Sweet-and-Tart Collards Tangle to her Pinterest board. Your reviews and shares help others find the health, delight, and security of eating real food cooked from scratch!

The winner will be chosen on March 31 in a random drawing. Thanks to the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance for allowing me to attend its 2013 conference and to HarperOne for the review and giveaway book. Also see the best of previous giveaways.

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