Giveaway - Win a Free Prize from Cook for Good

Win an elegant and fast Procizion kitchen scale!

This may be my best giveaway yet! Win a gorgeous kitchen scale that is lightning fast, accurate, and easy to read. Best of all, the Procizion scale has a slim profile and black glass top, so it is beautiful enough to leave out on the counter. It's the one I took with me to make Hot Italian Cocoa Cookies on TV.  The 

The Procizion scale displays ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms. It has the essential "tare" feature so you can measure one ingredient into a bowl, reset the scale to zero, and measure another ingredient without having to do any math. 

Double your chances of winning by asking your library to offer my books or videos and WIN for your library too! Take a picture of yourself at your library with my book or take a picture of the form you filled out to ask your library to add my books or videos to their collections. Post your picture on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #librariescook ... or just email it to me. If you win, you'll get the scale and your library will get the book or video of your choice! 

Let's help people who can't afford to buy books afford to cook for good!

Example: In Wake County NC, go to the Interlibrary Loan and Book Request page or suggest your librarian visit my library page.

Congratulations to Joan H. who won the previous drawing, a copy of Small Stories, Big Changes. Also see the best of previous giveaways. Thanks to Procizion for providing the review and prize scales and for sponsoring my page on using a kitchen scale.

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