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The Spheres of Engagement: How to Communicate about Food

After I woke up to the difference we could make by eating organic, plant-based food, I wanted to share the news with everyone. What a great way to save money, eat fabulous food, and make a difference! I even changed my job title from "Chief Cook and Researcher" to "Food Evangelist." My sense of urgency made me want to grab a bullhorn.

Yet I knew that lecturing people rarely works unless they've asked for a lecture. Even when I teach cooking classes, leavening the lectures with demos and dialog makes the information tastier. In daily life, it's better to share lunch than to preach. Show how much you enjoy your hummus wrap and bring fabulous cookies to share. Maybe you'll inspire someone to do the same.

This seems slow and even impractical in some cases. I doubt either of my Senators would eat cookies from a constituent. To complicate matters, what works with one person in one setting or on one day may not work in a different situation or time. I've had three quite different chances to communicate about food recently. This led me to the idea of different spheres of engagement and the productive actions that can happen within them.

spheres of engagement

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Food as Foreplay: Why Healthy Food Means Healthy Romance

Either every spot is an erogenous zone or no spot is, said a wise person back when everyone was talking about G-spots and increasing the boundaries of your sensual pleasure. I can’t track down the exact quote, but the idea holds. In fact, the idea goes back at least to Freud, who wrote that we’re all born polymorphically perverse, deriving pleasure from our whole bodies until we are schooled to focus only on reproduction. (By perverse, Freud just meant outside social norms.) 

You can ripple through life as an sexual, sensual being, experiencing pleasure from a nibble on your earlobes to a stroke down your bare spine to a gentle tug on your toes. Or you can learn to wall off delight to just your party parts. Which sounds like more fun?

Taking the idea further, you can be thrilled by everything from jokes to Djokovic, from Bach to Beyoncé, and from chard to chocolate cake. Or you can slog through life head down, nuking uniform units of factory-made food, rewarded by a few minutes of Martial Duty on Friday nights.

In short, sexy cooking is part of a sexy life.

Wake up among silky sheets,

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Presidential debate - let's talk food!

In my dream version of the Presidential debate, either candidate would have said:

I'll tell you how we are going to lower health-care costs dramatically, make our coounty more self reliant, and ensure we have a fit fighting force if we need one. In January, I will launch the Demeter Project to make America the leader in healthy, delicious, plant-strong eating, from the fields to the school lunches to government contacts to kitchen tables everywhere.

Here's a question for the global debate that could raise this issue:

Studies show that organic farming and plant-based diets can help address many urgent problems, including global warming, drought, dependence on foreign oil, obesity, and rising health-care costs. Yet our government subsidizes junk food and recoils from even minor changes like adopting Meatless Monday. What steps, if any, will your administration take to encourage people to eat like it matters?