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Two-Part Resolutions for Healthy Eating that Work

Last year, I made a New Year's resolution that I actually kept. My resolution worked for me because it combined an aspiration (why) with practical steps (how). The aspiration provided the inspiration and motivation and the practical steps let me actually do something about it.

My Resolution: Use Less Plastic

Why use less plastic

  • The chemicals that leach from plastic into food probably cause many health problems, including lower IQs, lower fertility and altered sexual development, and higher risk of cancer. Embryos and growing children are at the most risk, but the chemicals affect fish and wildlife exposed to polluted water.

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New study: eating beans satisfied hunger better than eating meat

Researchers in Denmark found that young men who ate burgers made of beans and peas felt more satisfied young men who ate veal and pork burgers. That "full" feeling lasted until their next meal, when those who ate bean burgers ate 12% fewer calories than those who ate meat burgers. 

Think about the implications for your sense of comfort, your waistline, and your budget. This is the science behind our experience of eating the Cook for Good way. Eating beans will help you:

  • Avoid being hungry between meals and avoid being "hangry"
  • Eat fewer calories without noticing it, achieving a healthy weight without effort
  • Save money by buying thrifty beans instead of expensive meat
  • Save money again because you'll buy less food because you are eating less

Professor Anne Raben of the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports attributes the difference to fiber.

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New Report: Best Supermarkets for Local and Organic Food

Home shoppers can learn much from the new report Many Miles to Go: Locally Grown Organics in North Carolina Supermarkets, even though it is aimed squarely at grocery executives. Do supermarkets agree on the meanings of "local" or "regional"? Which grocery chains truly support local food, which use greenwashing, and which frankly don't care? What's going on behind the scenes, from planning to supporting local farmers? Although the study took place in NC, many chains covered operate throughout the South East or nationally. The report by the non-profit watchdog Local Organic Y'All reveals that:

The food retailers themselves have a ways to go if they are to meet growing customer demand for organic and sustainably-grown food that is produced locally or even regionally. Today, with a few exceptions, company performance does not match the marketing.

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Thanksgiving recipe roundup. All vegan, many gluten free

Here are my favorite recipes for my favorite holiday. Don't you adore Thanksgiving? It's such a wonderful time to express our gratitude, get together with friends and family, and eat scrumptious seasonal food. These recipes are thrifty with lots of make-ahead options.

Enjoy a relaxed and healthy holiday. I'm so grateful for you, dear reader.

Main dishes

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Seven ways home cooking can reduce your post-election risk

No matter how you feel about the U.S. election, you probably expect big changes to start happening soon. Some of the predictions are downright scary: reducing food inspection and regulation, reducing protection for animals, and ignoring climate change. Even our health-care system is about to shift again.


But we still have apron power! By cooking plant-based, organic food from scratch, we can help protect our families and families everywhere from some of the changes expected when Trump becomes president. Here are seven positive steps to take, with a bonus funny/scary video at the end.

  1. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables. A big new study from the University of Warwick shows this quickly increases your sense of well-being. Going from zero to eight servings a day gives the same mood boost ....

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