Divest Your Plate!
May 26, 2017
Linda Watson in divest your plate, make a difference

Divest Your Plate! Choose local, organic, plants, and fair labor with less waste. ™ Cook for Good 2017

Environmentalists vote with their wallets by divesting from fossil-fuel companies and companies that support them. Cooks and anyone who eats can do something similar by divesting their plates from practices they don't support. With every meal, we get a chance to invest in local, organic, and plant-based food grown and made using fair labor practices. Let's avoid supporting increased health risks, climate change, toxic or cruel farming practices, unneeded shipping, and the mistreatment of workers and their families.

So often, I go to events where people are working for good causes but the meals served support the very actions we are working against. Given that every meal makes a difference, many meals can make a big difference.

Article originally appeared on Cook for Good, home of Wildly Affordable Organic and Fifty Weeks of Green (http://cookforgood.com/).
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