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Understanding new poll about safety of GMO food

Is GMO food (containing genetically modified organisms) generally unsafe to eat? Yes, say 57% of the general American public but only 11% of "scientists," according to a widely misquoted study from Pew Research. The polls addressed in Public and Scientists' Views on Science and Society asked both groups about thirteen core topics, from animal research to vaccines, with separate questions for each group. The gap between the two groups was largest for GMOs, but key questions were not asked and even the results have been twisted.

Here are some key points to help you think about and discuss this topic.

What was asked: are GMOs generally safe to eat?

After defining GMOs in terms of their benefits, the survey asked a limited question: can most people safely eat GMO food?

The public was given a glowing definition of GMOs, including popular benefits but no concerns, then asked the first question. Here's the wording from the survey with the results:

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Cook for Good Challenge in Egypt "an unqualified success"

Matthew Miller has been a key member of the Cook for Good community from the beginning, from the first ebook and tour, commenting in the forum, and as an active recipe tester for Fifty Weeks of Green. I am delighted that he's taking the Cook for Good Challenge right now in Egypt, despite some family and ingredient challenges. Although their home base is Boise, Idaho, Matthew and his wife are currently teaching in Cairo.

Matthew wrote:

I wanted to share that I've been happily following since Cook For Good was a single e-book, but have never been able to convince my family, especially my wife, to commit to a trial of the full diet. However, I've cooked enough great dishes and meals that we are now going to try a full week of the WAO menu!

Parsley Pesto, Glazed Carrots, and Strawberry Icecream from Wildly Affordable Organic. Cooked and photographed by Matthew Miller in Cairo Egypt.

I asked if I could share his experiences and photographs with you. Thank you, Matthew, for saying yes. Read on for his story, including smart ideas for getting kids to try unfamiliar food and for ...

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Super Bowl Potato Bar and Super Bowl Snacks

baked white and sweet potatoes with hummus and other plant-based toppings for a healthy party buffet

Bake sweet potatoes and white potatoes for a healthy, fun Super Bowl Party.  Inspire kids of all ages by making a happy potato face and putting it at the beginning of the buffet. The potato bar I described in shows that healthy can mean hardy!

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Storing and cooking winter vegetables - my January CSA box

See how to sort, store, and cook popular winter vegetables. This video tutorial shows what I plan to do with my early January CSA box (Community Supported Agriculture), which is full of greens and roots.

Useful recipes to go with this video include ...

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Top 10 Recipes for 2014: savory and gluten free

You are a bunch of savory, savvy cooks! At least, your favorite recipes--the ones you shared the most last year--were full of beans, vegetables, and other main-dish ingredients. There's only one dessert. Ironically, the dessert was the only recipe I hesitated to post because it uses a "splurge" ingredient: balsamic vinegar. All but two recipes were gluten free, and those could easily be adapted by using your favorite gluten-free pasta. Of course, all use pure, whole food, vegan ingredients.

Check out the most popular recipes below and see how they might help you with a New Year's resolution. The list starts with the winner, which introduced the idea of caramelizing onions in your slow cooker before adding beans or other wet ingredients. Please share your favorites to help others eat fabulous food, get healthy, and save the planet, no matter what their budget.

Most popular Cook for Good recipe in 2014: Jamaican Black Beans with Sweet Potatoes and Caramelized Onions. Slow cooker.

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