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"How Not to Die" Spices It Up, October Challenge

I'm devouring Dr. Greger's new book, How Not to Die. One of his themes is that you can pack phytonutrients into a meal by adding spices and healthy flavorings like vinegar. Your food tastes better and you may live a longer and healthier life. For example, my lunch today included cinnamon on baked butternut squash, balsamic vinegar on peas, and Spicy, Healthy Tomato Sauce with raisins, oregano, turmeric and red onions on whole grain pasta.

healthy meal with butternut squash with cinnamon, whole grain pasta with tomato sauce and spices, and peas with balsamic vinegar

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Healthy Hurricane Menu: A Week on Shelf-Stable or Canned Food

At least once a year, I stock up on healthy food to eat if a hurricane, ice storm or other disaster strikes. With Hurricane Irma heading my way on Tuesday, I refreshed my supplies of shelf-stable food to get my Taster and me through two weeks without power. (I either eat or donate any emergency food left over from the last season before it expires.) The picture below shows most of a week's worth of supplies (see below for a complete picture). We want to eat well and stay healthy by focusing on beans, other vegetables, fruit, nuts, and whole grains.

See the menus below to get ideas to stock your emergency pantry. All the food is plant-based, so vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores can all enjoy it. Most of it is organic too. Fortunately, more stores than ever carry a variety of healthy, organic food at reasonable prices. It's easier than ever to cook in a way that slows climate change and minimizes our risk of extreme weather.

one week of canned food to prepare for a hurricane or storm without electricity

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Feeding the Hungry in Your Community

When you get the blues from the news or troubles in your own life, consider feeding the hungry in your community. You'll make a real difference in the world by helping people solve their most urgent problem, at least for a few hours. If you think about the big picture, you could make a bigger difference.

At least, that's what I felt when I joined other Vegans for Peace serving lunch for about 50 people at the Love Wins Community Engagement Center in Raleigh. The center works with "the homeless and at-risk community, providing food, shelter, clothing, etc. as able from a place of love and non-judgment." ...

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Cooking Demo at Triangle Vegfest August 2017

Come learn about the wonders of chickpeas at my Triangle Vegfest cooking demonstration this Sunday. You'll get to see and sample some of my most popular recipes:

roasted chickpeas

  • Roasted Chickpeas (shown above)
  • Persian Chickpea Stew, made with nuts and dried fruit
  • Aquafaba Lemon Meringues (shown below) ...

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Offering to Bring Food to an Event

Bringing healthy food to events is a powerful way to support an organization and make a difference. You will save them money, which is as powerful as writing a check. You will help people have a healthy meal and perhaps inspire them to eat other healthy food later. You can help the organization and other participants see how their goals can be advanced by voting with their forks.

food at an event brought for a buffet including vegan Cuban black beans, roasted squash, and chopped red bell pepper

I'm sharing an example of how I offered to cook food for an event tomorrow, how we worked out the details, and how I'll cook the food and serve it safely. At the bottom, you'll see that I ran the numbers. For a $22 investment, I'm saving the group over $100. , , ,

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